Ecommerce Meets Real Estate

WeWork has been the leader in flexible workspace since 2010. Since then, they’ve grown exponentially and opened locations all over the world. While WeWork’s footprint and reputation grew, so did the demand on the internal sales team to manually sell the influx of workspace. In order to increase the sales team efficiency, we needed a way for prospects to buy workspace completely online. As a result, we have unlocked online transactional capabilities for dedicated desks and offices for 1-20 people. This has not only created a more efficient sales process, but has also made WeWork the first workspace company to be able to sell desks and offices online.


  • Create an efficient sales process for selling smaller workspace offerings

  • Reduce customer acquistion cost

  • Offer prospects a trasparent and frictionless way to buy workspace online

Team  WeWork.com
Role  Product Design Lead
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